Your business is growing and you need to bring additional talented and dedicated people on board. It can be a huge challenge to find the right people, especially given the many constraints you have on your time.

We specialize in engineering profiles for manufacturing, robotics and offshore industry and focus on recruitment for manager positions, project managers and specialists.

We support you throughout the entire process – until you are ready to hire the best person possible for the position.

SlaterConsult provides search and selection, assessment and interviews. We use the e-stimate personality profile concept.

We also specialize in global mobility support, when you hire people cross-border and need to take legal requirements into consideration.

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Your new hire is probably highly sought after and you hope for fast performance and a happy new employee. Focused onboarding is the best way to meet your expectations. While this may sound easy, it is often overlooked in the short-term rush of starting up the new hire with projects and operational tasks.

We come alongside you and help design an appropriate onboarding plan for your new employee.

You get an easy to follow roadmap, closely connected with your considerations during the recruitment process. You will also be able to measure the quality of the onboarding.


You need to make sure that your effords lead to the best results. Maybe you need inspiration or improve your skills.

SlaterConsult offers open or customized trainings/workshops within all steps the recruitment process and interview techniques. Have a look at our event calendar for scheduled training.

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Specific for the automation and robotics industry we offer the dedicated jobsite RoboJobz.

RoboJobz expose your automation and robotics job to international specialists.

Candidates apply directly to your website or email.

You pay per job and publish up to 90 days.

We publish within 24 hours.