We move people respectfully.

Our mission is to support growth strategies focusing on the people aspect.
Moving people means that we focus on head, hands and heart when a shift in direction is decided and changes are required for organizations to grow and thrive.


Challenging existing and shaping future work life for the benefit of our global communities.

How we work

We carefully select tools and methods that support our mission and vision. We work fast, effectively and with full transparency with regards to our products and processes.


Bjoerg Winther Larsen






Bjoerg is from Denmark, however relocated to the United States in 2014 to continue working for a global engineering company. Bjoerg earned her B.S. degree in Political Science in 2013 from Aarhus University, Denmark and continues her studies at Michigan State University. She is an expert on global mobility topics, learning programs and data analysis. She is also the competitive element of our team, constructively challenging ideas and “as is” situations. Maybe that’s because Bjoerg was on the junior national swim team in Denmark.

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Maiken Slater Johannsen






Growing up in a multicultural environment Maiken excels by speaking English, German and Danish fluently. In 1989 she earned her M.A. degree from Aarhus University in Denmark and has since then worked for numerous international and global engineering companies. She has extensive experience within HR focusing especially on business development, strategy and leadership development. Maiken is an expert in linking HR and the business to ensure that the business goals are addressed. With her thoughtfulness and deep insight into organizational and human behavior, Maiken is a good choice if you are looking for expertise to develop your organization and the people within it.

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Lotte Christensen






Originally having a military background and a past in the Merchant marine sailing container vessels around the world, Lotte has the technical expertise in our team. Since she went ashore 12 years ago, she has earned her merits in global engineering companies as a highly appreciated HR partner. Lotte’s result-orientation and effectiveness combined with a pragmatic approach to problem solving, makes her the ideal recruiting partner for any manager searching for new talent to develop and strengthen his or her business.

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